Sunday, April 18, 2010

The easiest way to study in some european countries,like norway,finland,sweden,no tuition fees

Yes,when i heard abt this stuff,i was in doubt,i try to ignore it anytime i saw it on any website i visit esp(nairaland),cos many of them are spammers.BUT when i forcd myself to read a thread on NL i now discovered that its true,but the guy wants to collect money 4 wat is suppose to be free. He said all d steps nd info of the schools that offers free tuition has been embedded in an e-book he created by himself,he wana sel it 4 #6700(thief). Atlast,i got to the of d matter when i visit a website nd i signup their,later they update me abt the stuff.its very simple nd easy,so dnt pay anybdy 4 silly ebooks

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sites to download hot games,apps,theme,mp3,3gp,mp4,pictures.

There are many wapsites to downld hot apps nd games to ur phone.let me start wif: